Jen Cloher proves she isn’t forgotten


ATMOSPHERE: Sitting alone on your bed, contemplating what you’re about to do. You count down “5-4-3-2-1” and up to get. You look in your wardrobe “What to wear?” You close your eyes and reach in and grab whatever is closest. Not what you had in mind, but it will do. You throw it on, kick around the crap on your bedroom floor to find your shoes. You sit down and don’t do anything, you don’t want to put on your shoes, you count again “5-4-3-2-1” and you put on your shoes, get up, and walk out the door. This is every day. 


This track is subtle to start with, but it really hits something deep and relatable. If you’re going through an identity crisis, or absence of mind, or longing for something more, this punk rock gem is for you. Melbourne’s Jen Cloher has cemented her place in Australia’s punk rock scene, effortlessly producing music to please any rock music snob.


Thurs 24th August – Brisbane @ The Foundry
Fri 24th August – Sydney @ Oxford Art Factory
Sun 3rd September – Fremantle @ Mojo’s Bar
Fri 8th September – Melbourne @ Howler
Sat 9th September – Adelaide @ Jive Bar
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Have a Drink on Methyl Ethel


ATMOSPHERE: A song for those afternoon trips in the car, with your mates, to the country-side. You see a beautiful clearing and rolling hills. You stop, you all get out and wander through long grass and chase each other. You decide this is the perfect spot for afternoon tea. You roll out the picnic blanket, crank up the tunes, pour wine, eat cheese and toast to being the only beings on earth.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.13.29 AM

Methyl Ethel deliver a tune fit for a sunny afternoon. Whatever you are doing, it feels like a song best shared with friends and a glass of red. The poly-vocal track mid-song and the overlapping ’round’ style at the end fade, distinguishes it from other indie tracks currently making its rounds. No wonder these guys are one of the top played on triple j.



It’s all about Haiku Hands


ATMOSPHERE: You’re at a club, with your three best friends, when all of your exes walk in together. You ignore them and you and your girlfriends get up and show the room you are the best crew there. Your song comes on, you start jumping and letting your hair go wild with the epic dance moves. The boys look on, wondering what they’re missing. 


Wow! What a banger – and I mean that in the ‘cool’ sense of the word. This track is perfect to restart this blog after a very long hiatus. “It’s Not About You” should be every female crew’s anthem for a good night out. Filled with catchy ‘shout it out’ lyrics and pulsating beats, this track is sure the launch Haiku Hands into indie/club/pop stardom.


You’ll be Dancing again and again with Skipping Girl Vinegar


ATMOSPHERE: You leave your house, close the door. You start running. You stop at a nearby house, knock on the door, the door opens, a girl with a dog opens it, you smile and run, she comes out and follows you. You run to another house, one with a red door, you knock on the door and a handsome young man answers, you smile and run, he follows you too. You continue down the street, to the next familiar house and knock on the door, a smiling couple answers and you wave them to outside, they follow and run with you. You are running with a lot of people now, down the street, all smiles, and you end up at a beautiful open field, where you all dance together as the sun sets. 


“Dance Again” comes from the new album ‘The Great Wave’, out now!

I couldn’t go past this incredibly infectious tune by Skipping Girl Vinegar. “Dance Again” definitely makes you want to dance, again and again. It’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s got everything you need to lift your spirits. The piano riffs and fast beats, coupled with the choral-esque vocals will send you into all types of merriment. And if you have friends around to listen to this song with, the better. You can all jump around, put your arms around each other and sing your little hearts out. This song brings people together.



Sink your Teeth & Tongue into this Cupcake


ATMOSPHERE: You’re walking in the woods, with two of your closest friends. You penetrate some heavy scrubbery, and come across a hidden creek bed. It’s shallow, your friend runs past you and splashes water everywhere! You join her in this display of childish activity. All of a sudden all three of you are splashing and soaking each other with the clean crisp water of the stream. Your laughter and delighted screams can be heard for miles. 

Melbourne artist Teeth & Tongue keeps on giving. Discover her track “Cupcake” in all its deliciousness. Everything from the main riffs, leading notes, guitar embellishments and deep smooth vocals brings together this tasty treat of a song.



Exploring Forces with Japanese Wallpaper


ATMOSPHERE: You hold the letter in your hand. It’s a letter from ‘him’. You haven’t met him. You have never seen him, but he writes words so beautiful that it brings you to tears. The letter isn’t addressed to anyone, but it lands in your letter box from time to time. This is the 10th letter you’ve received. You carefully open the pristine envelope. This time it isn’t beautiful words on paper, but it’s a disc. You walk inside, put it in your CD player and press ‘play’… this song starts. 


This song feels like a love letter. Japanese Wallpaper has created a piece that has emotional and musical depth beyond his years. This beautiful yet powerful piece weaves the stunning vocals of Airling into tender electronic and illustrious sounds, delivering a gorgeously euphoric track. It’s melodic, light and almost mystical; this signature sound is what this Melbourne producer is becoming well known for.



Know your Good Fortune with Mavis Staples


ATMOSPHERE: You’re in the deep south, hunting in the forest. You hope no one gets in the way of you and your animal prey. Your catch will feed your family for a week, so you pray for two. It starts to rain and you feel a little disheartened, but you carry on. The sky gets darker, as you get a little less hopeful that you will find anything. You start to shiver because your are soaked to the bone, you are finding it harder to walk through the mud squishing beneath your boots. The rain gets heavier. All of a sudden you don’t recognise where you are. You are lost in the forest, in the rain, freezing cold and you have no way home. You look up and pray for a miracle. 


“Your Good Fortune” by Mavis Staples from the ‘Your Good Fortune’ EP released on 21st April 2015

Mavis Staples has a voice like no other. This 60 year old songstress has been making records since 1969. You’ll hear classic gospel, soul and RnB from this music veteran. “Your Good Fortune” takes the best elements of these classic genres and delivers them to the 2010s. Everything from the soulful vocals, woeful lyrics, gospel choir backing, blues-y guitar, prominent bass notes, will send chills up your spine. Beautiful stuff.



Set Mo dressing up for new single


ATMOSPHERE: You wake up and you see you’re in your car, the sun shining on your face. You see your love next to you, smiling and driving down this stretch of road. You wind down the window, glance at the ocean. You take off the flowers in your hair and throw them over your shoulder. You pluck off your earrings, take off your white gloves, and free yourself from your white strappy high heels. You are happy, you take your lover’s hand and fiddle with the ring on his finger. 


“White Dress” feat. Deutsch Duke released 10th April 2015

“White Dress” by Set Mo is a song for lovers. Lovers of people and lovers of music. These house beats, melodic words and smooth sounds is a recipe for a good time (in your ears and in life). Many will propel into a daydream, while others can dance the night away – this song is versatile for multiple occasions. Whether you’re on a car trip, at home on a Sunday afternoon or at the club, this song will touch many hearts.



Spotlite on Rome Fortune & Tunji Ige


ATMOSPHERE: You’re walking through the rainy streets of Brooklyn. Your getting soaked from the rain penetrating through your clothes. Lights flash, cars beep, sirens wail, people push past you, angry men fight, children hollering, doors closing, and more sounds drown out your thoughts of a better life. 


Tuned vocals, down tempo beats, chilled sounds, smooth rhymes, subtle production is the combination for this sublime track “Spotlite” by Atlanta’s Rome Fortune and fellow artist from Philly Tunji Ige. It’s tranquil vibe, soulful backbone and talent will leave listeners in a state of elation. It may have a ‘sad’ element, but it’s one of those sad songs that people will love for years to come.



SOAK yourself with Sea Creatures


ATMOSPHERE: The sun shines on your face. You wake and you’re in your bed. You stretch and find yourself on the beach, in your bed. You look left, you look right, then look straight ahead and see the calming waves crashing on the shore. No one else is on the beach, it’s just you. How did you get here? You throw the blankets off your legs, swing your legs to the ground and feel the sand between your toes. You start walking towards the water, the water touches your toes gently and the water is warm. You stare into the horizon, waiting for the tide to change. 


At just 18 years of age, Northern Ireland singer/songwriter SOAK releases a song well beyond her years. The gentle guitars, soulful lyrics and warm vocals combine to deliver a nostalgic piece, sending the listener into a dreamy haze. The embellishments of “Sea Creatures” – the tinkering xylophones and piano, the crashing wave sounds, soft harmonies – is what makes the piece great. The touching story along with the simplicity of the arrangement falls nothing short of superb.

2015 Australian shows:
SYDNEY – Wed 15 April @ Hibernian House
MELBOURNE – Fri 17 April @ Shadow Electric Outdoor Cinema & Bar