Crow Cries but not Goat Girl


ATMOSPHERE: There’s no one here in the park at 6am. Just you. In the clothes you were in the night before. You are hurt, you are burnt, and you’re not going to let him get away with it. You stand, and strut your stuff down the street. You make it home, quickly change your clothes, from drab to fab. Your sparkly shirt, your shiny shoes and your silver hat, you start to feel like yourself again. You run out the door…


London band Goat Girl release this 2-minute thriving grunge tune is sure to put a fire in your belly. The deep vocal delivery coupled with the driving guitar riffs makes this song one that gets you hitting ‘repeat’. Deep, dynamic and decadent, this is one band you’ll want to keep your eye on.



Go Wild Honey and Break Away


ATMOSPHERE: Light streams through your window, you wake up and remember – today is the day. You shower, and grab your big bag and run out the door. You see airplanes everywhere, you wonder if any of them are yours. You are happy; you’re finally leaving. You are looking for your gate. You check your ticket and look up – you run into her. She spills her coffee. You apologise and grab her another. You smile at her and offer to walk her to her gate… she’s good about the whole thing and you walk to the gate together… you’re on the way to the same place.


What a beautiful indie gem from Wild Honey. This guitar soaked tune is so optimistic, it’s blinding, but not in a corny way. You can taste the summer festivals, the salty beach, and feel the sun on your skin. It’s simple and strong; the Sydney outfit have created an anthem for the summer.


SYDNEY | Sat  29 Jul @The Landsdowne Hotel (Single Launch) tickets here

Alex Cameron sings Candy May


ATMOSPHERE: You’re standing in your living room sweating. Beads of sweat pouring down your face. It’s a hot day. You’re standing in front of the door contemplating opening it. She’s on the other side, waiting for you to open the door, but you don’t know if you should. The last time you did, it ended in by rage and alcohol fueled bender… it’s all bit blurry to you. You reach for the door… 


Wow, what a track! It has everything I love in a song about love – broodiness, longing, a synthy horns, a deep voice, and a catchy yet sad melody – one I’ll be listening to for years to come. Alex Cameron sings about dark themes, and that’s what we love about him.


Jen Cloher proves she isn’t forgotten


ATMOSPHERE: Sitting alone on your bed, contemplating what you’re about to do. You count down “5-4-3-2-1” and up to get. You look in your wardrobe “What to wear?” You close your eyes and reach in and grab whatever is closest. Not what you had in mind, but it will do. You throw it on, kick around the crap on your bedroom floor to find your shoes. You sit down and don’t do anything, you don’t want to put on your shoes, you count again “5-4-3-2-1” and you put on your shoes, get up, and walk out the door. This is every day. 


This track is subtle to start with, but it really hits something deep and relatable. If you’re going through an identity crisis, or absence of mind, or longing for something more, this punk rock gem is for you. Melbourne’s Jen Cloher has cemented her place in Australia’s punk rock scene, effortlessly producing music to please any rock music snob.


Thurs 24th August – Brisbane @ The Foundry
Fri 24th August – Sydney @ Oxford Art Factory
Sun 3rd September – Fremantle @ Mojo’s Bar
Fri 8th September – Melbourne @ Howler
Sat 9th September – Adelaide @ Jive Bar
More info / Tickets

Have a Drink on Methyl Ethel


ATMOSPHERE: A song for those afternoon trips in the car, with your mates, to the country-side. You see a beautiful clearing and rolling hills. You stop, you all get out and wander through long grass and chase each other. You decide this is the perfect spot for afternoon tea. You roll out the picnic blanket, crank up the tunes, pour wine, eat cheese and toast to being the only beings on earth.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.13.29 AM

Methyl Ethel deliver a tune fit for a sunny afternoon. Whatever you are doing, it feels like a song best shared with friends and a glass of red. The poly-vocal track mid-song and the overlapping ’round’ style at the end fade, distinguishes it from other indie tracks currently making its rounds. No wonder these guys are one of the top played on triple j.