Nothing is Impossible for The Fresh & Only


ATMOSPHERE: You reach out for him, he flinches and walks away. You think “Who is “he”? Why won’t he acknowledge me?” You watch him on stage, he’s cool and confident. You wish you knew what he was thinking. He’s a closed book. You meet him out back where the band is packing up for the night. He’s leaning on the side of the van, smoking a cigarette and look up at the building next to you. You take his hand, he looks at you and pulls away as he jumps in the drivers seat. He doesn’t say goodbye, he just leaves you with a long and lingering look. 


San Francisco outfit The Fresh & Only release the highly anticipated single ‘Impossible man’. With its guitar laden, driving beats and a melodic chorus, this track is one hell of a good time. A brooding song of Ramone-esque riffs and The Cure’s melon collie pop sensibilities, you can’t help but hit repeat on this one.



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